Who is Byron C Grey?

I am the most effective personal development coach for men. I teach men from all walks of life how to become a more effective man, in all aspects of a man’s life, so that they can control the direction of their personal and professional life. If a man has reflected long and hard enough, he’ll come to the realization that his ineffectiveness as a man is the reason why he is not living the life he wants.

Many of my past clients include successful, high-power men from many of the world’s biggest companies. Since I am not a talking head who can be found on any media outlet, my clients have traditionally found me by word of mouth. I have chosen not to use the media to seek exposure because the knowledge I impart can be perceived by others as disingenuous or manipulative. However, nothing I teach is intended to enable a man to be disingenuous or manipulative. Instead, everything a man learns from me is rooted in principles derived from nature or social conditioning.

Statement on Private Coaching and Mutual Confidentiality

Before engaging any potential client, it must be mutually agreed to by both parties (you and I) that our identities, and the nature of our relationship, will be held in confidence. This understanding of mutual confidentiality is necessary to protect both you and I from unwanted attention. If you’d like to contact me for private coaching then you can do so here.


Past Clients Have Included High-Power Executives from Fortune 500 Companies

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